Almany: Endangered Mires

The project was created for Belsat TV channel (
Nasta Reznikava, journalist. Since 2013, she has worked for Belsat as well as for several German-speaking broadcast stations (SFR, WDR5 etc), had internships at ZDF, Germany's public television (2014), at the Welt private news channel (2019) and at Berliner Zeitungnewspaper, Germany (2019). Her main topics are human rights, enviromental issues, social economics.
Iryna Arekhouskaya, videographer and photographer, freelancer. She has experience of studying at the St. Petersburg school of photography DocDocDoc(2019 — 2020). Her main topics are human rights, environmental issues.

PRAFOTA 2020 Digital Storytelling Short-list
The Almany mires are part of Europe’s largest cross-border complex of intact natural bogs. The unique landscape is home to a number of rare European species of birds and animals. These wetlands are of great international importance, but local authorities are gradually destroying them. Together with researchers specializing in studying wolves, we explore the region’s unique nature and culture.
Short-list 2020: