Across the River: life in a small town split between Belarus and Latvia

The project was created by the Belarusian Bureau of Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty, located in Minsk, Belarus. Apart from that, contributions were made by Yury Hlushkouand photographer Andrei Shauliuha.
Andrei Shauliuha(freelance photographer) — photo and video
Anton Trafimovich(RFE/RL journalist) — text
Yuliya Kotskaya(RFE/RL multimedia department editor) — producer
Maksim Lauretski(RFE/RL video editor) — video editing
Dzmitry Vasilkou (RFE/RL sound producer) — sound editing
Yury Hlushkou(freelance programmer) — web-design and programming

PRAFOTA 2020 Digital Storytelling Short-list
This is a multimedia project dedicated to a town divided between Belarus and Latvia since the 1990s, when the two countries gained independence following the collapse of the USSR — although it had been de-facto one town for centuries before that. People from both parts can see one another — and even talk to one another — across the river. However, you have to drive 92 km to get to the opposite side of the river. The project shows how both parts have changed over the last 25 years.
Short-list 2020: