Yauhen Attsetski
Messed Up

PRAFOTA 2020 Documentary Photography Grand Prix
Messed Upis a female punk band from Hrodna, Belarus. When the band was established in 2015, its members were aged 15 to 18, that is, they were at a stage where their views and values were being shaped. In this sense, punk rock became a way of alternative socialization for the girls. Among the key values of the punk community are mutual support, brotherhood/sisterhood and non-hierarchical co-existence. Punks also oppose all forms of discrimination.

All the Messed Up girls identify as feminists. "If we can do it, you can do it, too" — they set an example and inspire women to be more active in fighting for their rights. At the same time, the girls' lives are full of doubts and worries typical of their age. Outside the familiar environment, they often face aggression and a lack of understanding. People in Belarus are mostly conservative and condemn their way of self-expression. On the other hand, the girls hang out a lot with like-minded people and actively tour both nationally and across Europe. People in other countries usually show a greater level of friendliness toward and acceptance of their lifestyle. It encourages the girls and gives them the strength to stick to the chosen path.
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