Andrei Liankevich
Traditional Interior

PRAFOTA 2020 Documentary Photography Short-list
Belarus, just like many other countries, is in the midst of the ongoing urbanisation process. Currently, only 25% of Belarusians live in the countryside. In fact, over the past 60 years, Belarus has seen what could be described as a revolution — in 1959, 5.5 million people lived in the village with the urban population being 2.5 million, which is the direct opposite of the current situation: 6% of Belarusian villages are totally abandoned. In 72% of Belarus' villages, the population is less than 100 people. Large villages populated by over 5,000 people are rare for Belarus. There are only 10 such villages in the country — their combined population is approximately 80,000 people. The project documents the interiors of traditional rural houses, which, as dynamics show, will soon disappear.
Short-list 2020: