Dzmitry Brushko
The Last Child

PRAFOTA 2020 Documentary Photography Short-list
The village of Čaša, Klieck district, Belarus, has only 41 inhabitants. The only child here is Maksim Šamruk. Six years ago, his parents died and his grandparents took custody of the boy. To them, their grandson was a consolation after the loss of their only daughter. They are both retired but manage to raise their grandson. At the time the photos were taken, the boy was ten. His usual day consists of classes at a school located in a nearby village and helping his grandparents around the house. The puppy, a gift from his grandfather, became Maksim's only friend in his native village. On weekdays, he plays with the dog on an empty road surrounded by abandoned houses. Life changes on weekends and in summer, when the boy's peers come to the village.
Short-list 2020: